Adam Fitton


Open My.Saving.Goals


My.Saving.Goals is a simple website which allows you to keep track of your incomes, expenses and accounts. Then by specifying one or more saving goals the solution will make it easy to see how much you need to save each week and how much you have remaining.


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Geo Wordsclose

Words4Where is a method of sharing words instead of map coordinates. Words are easier to communicate and allow for better error checking.

Battle Tacticsmore_vert

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Battle Tacticsclose

Battle Tactics is a simple online game which allows you to control various medievil units on a battle field. Play online now free.



BetterTask.meclose is a useful task management system for both individuals and organisations. It features a modern and easy to use interface.

Corporate Enginemore_vert

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Corporate Engineclose

Corporate Engine is a flexible data management tool capable of bringing all of an organisations data into one easily accessible and secure place.

A New Datetime Formatmore_vert

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A New Datetime Formatclose

A New Datetime Format is an approach of bringing together various time and date representation concepts into a set of proposed principles.